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Are you eligible for a Skilled Australian Visa?

Apart from the low crime rate and a stable economy, one of the many features that attracts potential migrants to Australia is the excellent job prospects that it presents. As a result of severe skills shortages in many of its states, there are significant employment opportunities available for skilled South Africans to work and live in Australia. Some of the areas of skills that are in high demand include IT Professionals, Engineers, Teachers, Accountants and Tradesmen (boilermakers, electrician, plumbers, etc.). Under the Australian General Skilled Migration program, applicants can use their age, language ability and qualifications to meet the basic criteria required to apply for a permanent Australian visa.

Tips for choosing a reputable migration agent

tips for choosing a suitable australian migration agency

When it comes to migration agent horror stories, we’ve heard them all. From being given misleading information, to paying considerable ‘service’ costs without a visa to show for it – many a prospective migrant has fallen victim to the unethical practices of certain fraudulent agents. To make sure you’re choosing a suitable Australian migration agent – we’ve put together a few helpful tips on what you can expect from a reputable migration agent and what to look out for.

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Beware of Unregistered or Fraudulent Migration Agents

The promise of someone being able to handle the visa application process for you while you sit back and dream of the day when you’ll be able to set foot on the sandy shores of Australia is just one of the reasons why the use of migration agents has become more and more commonplace. But visa applicants beware – before signing over your life savings to the first so-called agency that guarantees you a visa, consider beforehand whether they really are qualified to make such bold claims.

Confusion Surrounding the Australian Skilled Migrant Visa

There is much confusion surrounding the Australian Skilled Migrant Visa application and what the requirements are. As a qualified professional or tradesperson with relevant work experience, you may be eligible to apply for a skilled migrant visa. The application process is often arduous and puzzling for an individual to take on by themself, this is why a registered migration agent is needed, to take you through the process step by step, answer your questions, and use their contacts to expedite the process.

DIAC Visa Lodgement Fee Increases

Australia recently announced changes in visa application prices. The new fee application structure, which took effect as of 1 July 2013, will apply to most visa subclasses across the migration program but mostly impacts visa applicants with large families who will now face a considerable increase in the visa application charge.