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The Essence of Successful Relocation to Australia

Moving to Australia is more than just a successful visa application. You have a range of choices to make before you even get on a plane. One of which is where you want to work and live. Luckily, the Australian housing market offers a wide range of properties and you have a choice between apartments, houses with gardens, town houses, and more.

New Occupation Lists for Australia

It’s July again and that means that the new Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) and Skilled Occupation List (SOL) apply. We’re happy to report that no occupations have been removed from either list this year. This should come as a great relief to Accountants who are keen on moving to Australia as their occupation will remain for at least another year.

Australia, The Lucky Country

Even before applying for their visas, most people think about what it would be like to live in Australia. They weigh the pros against the cons and factor that into their ultimate decision. Here follows just a few benefits of living Down Under.

South Africans and the Great Australian Migration

There has always been a strong link between South Africa and Australia, which is just one of the reasons that Australia is one of the most popular countries for South African migrants today. It’s a country where you do not need to explain what a braai or a beer is and a country that shares our fanatic interest in rugby and cricket.  Each year, a significant number of South Africans pack up their bags to Australia in search for better job prospects and living conditions.