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Business Owners Requirements

Obtaining an Australian business visa can be challenging if you have next to no knowledge of the Australian visa system and how it works. Our highly skilled and experienced Australian migration consultants can navigate you through the complex visa requirements that the Australian Government required in order to assess you as a possible business migrant.

Is this the right visa for you?

Carry on reading to find out if you meet the basic business migration criteria for application.

State and territory government sponsorship can offer substantial concessions, at both the provisional and permanent residence stage, to applicants who are able to show that they will be likely to create economic benefit for specific regions. Sponsorship also gives senior business employees the opportunity to enter business in Australia.

But whatever the state, the visa rules for business entry are stringent, and they require detailed and comprehensive documentation.

It goes without saying that professionally presented applications are essential. Having qualified Accountants and an Attorney on your side to work on your business application is strongly recommended. There are costly government charges and, in most cases, no right of appeal against rejections. Migrate 2 Oz has a wealth of knowledge in all fields of migration, including immigration law, making our highly skilled migration agents your best choice for achieving a successful outcome.

Applicants must meet criteria which generally relate to:

•    Age
•    English Language Ability
•    Business Career
•    Net Personal and Business Assets
•    Other business/employment/investment related criteria are required dependent on subclass