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Business Owners


If you have owned a business or have funds you would like to invest in Australia, you may consider applying for an Australian immigration business visa. With us, you can be confident that your business visa application is being handled by the experts.

The Australian Government’s business skills entry schemes aim to attract people with proven experience and skill in business, senior business management and investment. The aims are state development and wider economic benefit to Australia.

Do you qualify for an Australian business visa?

Click here to find out what the requirements are to apply for business migration

Business Migration Visa Assessment

Migrate 2 Oz’s FREE Visa Assessment service allows you to quickly and easily find it if you meet the basic requirements to apply for an Australian business visa. To ensure that your assessment gives you a realistic result, ensure that the information you provide is as accurate as possible.


Employer Sponsored Visas

Alternatively, for businesses looking to sponsor overseas workers to live and work in Australia, whether it is on a temporary or permanent basis, there are also a number of visa options available to cater for your needs.

Temporary Employer Sponsored Visas (457)

The most popular visa in this category is the Temporary Business Long Stay Standard Business Sponsorship (subclass 457). This is a program for employers to sponsor approved skilled workers to work in Australia on a temporary visa. Employers can nominate a number of positions for different occupations under the same sponsorship application.

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

The employer nomination scheme enables Australian employers to nominate certain employment positions that they require to be filled and enables individuals who are highly skilled in an eligible occupation to obtain a visa to live and work in Australia permanently. There are certain eligibility criteria that need to be shown in relation to the employer and we can assist the business/company to determine whether they will be an eligible employer and assist with all aspects of the actual visa application. There are temporary and permanent visa options available. In order to apply for one of these visas, the proposed employee applicant usually needs to be at least 18 and under 45.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)

This scheme is for employers in regional Australia to employ skilled people in positions unable to be filled from the local labour market. Employers are able to nominate staff from overseas or temporary residents currently in Australia to fill full-time, permanent vacancies.