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Life in Australia


Getting up and running in a foreign country is never easy – and moving to and living in Australia is no different. You can make all the necessary arrangements you want to get you and your family down under – from applying for visas and buying plane tickets to finding work in Australia, and more – but the preparations don’t end once you’re finally on the plane and waving goodbye to the familiar South African landscape. So why immigrate to Australia then?

Australia is vastly different world. It may seem familiar to us because of the moderate climate, passion for rugby and abundance of nature, but once you get past these details, you will find that the similarities end there. Australia offers a whole new lifestyle and community with government systems that are founded on different states and territories, each with their own unique characteristics. It stands to reason that immigrating to this beautiful and diverse country involves numerous factors that all need to be considered by prospective migrants to ensure that their transition to the land down under is as smooth as possible.

There's plenty of useful online information for those considering living in Australia as a potential. Here are a few platforms to get you started:

Australian Government

Click on the links below to find out more about the information and services in federal, state, territory & local governments.

Australian Government
Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia
Local Government

Australian Healthcare

Department of Health & Ageing
Medibank Private Health Insurance