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Migrate 2 Oz – Australia is a safe place to invest

The increasing success rate of the Australian Significant Investor Visa program

Safe and Transparent

The commitment to innovation and economic growth in Australia has continually been making headlines and tempting investors worldwide to invest capital into the country. Global investors have continued to praise the 188C Australian Significant Investor Visa program, which has been gaining a lot of traction as of late due to its safe, transparent, low-risk profile that is not linked to purchase of overpriced residential real estate.

Shortcomings of other Investment Programs

It has long since been acknowledged and well documented that there are clear shortcomings to the American EB5 program and the suspension of the Canadian investor program has left thousands stuck in the pipeline to resolution.

Most recently, Bloomberg reported on Portugal’s Golden Visa program that has come to a complete standstill, leaving thousands of investors that have bought into the property market in hinging turmoil over the backlog that will take an estimated five years to clear. Portugal’s investor program is similar to those offered by Greece and Spain, but has been the more successful of the lot.

Why invest in Australia?Why invest in Australia