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Why a visa is your ticket to finding a job in Australia

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The number one question we get asked by prospective migrants again and again is: Should I look for a job first or get a visa?

The Answer: Get a visa first, THEN a job

Sure, the idea of getting a visa before you’ve even secured a job in Australia may sound daunting, but the reality is that employers will most likely not even consider your application without one. That is, unless you’ve been sponsored by an employer in Australia.

Still not convinced? Take it from Dave

Dave is also a prospective migrant who wants to move to Australia, but is unsure of whether he should start the visa process without knowing that he has a secure job waiting for him down under.

Watch our latest video which follows Dave as he explores this common area of confusion and discovers what his best options are to ensure the most successful migration outcome for him and his family.

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