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Address to Staff by Michael Pezzullo

There was a lot of buzz in January surrounding an article which was making the rounds on social media. It stated that Micheal Pezzullo, Secretary for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), questioned in an address to staff whether the high number of settlement in Australia’s past should endure. The article created the perception that, according to Pezzullo, Australia will be decreasing the amount of migrants it accepts. This was, however, not the case.

The following excerpts from Pezzullo’s address to staff should clarify the matter and put your mind at ease:

“I am not suggesting for a moment that settlement is no longer part of our future story, much less that we are 'closed' to future migration. Australia will of course maintain a permanent migration programme, which is so crucial for our long-term economic prosperity and our demographic health.”

“… we now welcome all to our shores, subject only to their observance of our laws and identification with our values. People from all over the world come to Australia to holiday, work, study and engage in commerce. Some, of course, come to settle here and commence new lives.”

“It is always going to be the case that we were, and therefore will always be, a 'settler nation'. The ancient indigenous heritage, a British foundation of social and political order, and the multicultural diversity of our immigrant society will always co-exist on our island continent, and in our hearts and minds.”

Migrate 2 Oz would like to ensure all hopeful migrants that, while a successful visa application can’t be guaranteed, qualified visa applicants will for the foreseeable future be welcome in Australia. To find out if you qualify, please complete our FREE online assessment form.