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Make Sure You are Dealing with a Registered Migration Agent

When you start doing your research into immigrating to Australia, you might notice that there are many Australian migration agents promising to get you a visa. Many agents even claim to be recognised by virtue of an offshore agent’s number, however, this means nothing.

There has recently been an incident where a Sydney businessman was arrested on charges of fraud relating to migration. The man, posing as a migration agent, has never been registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and therefore, by law, cannot legally give migration assistance to anyone whilst in Australia. He is said to have lodged hundreds of visa applications with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, all of which were refused, and charging steep fees for his services.

In South Africa, however, it is not unlawful to work as a migration agent without being registered. In fact, there are many agents operating who have never been registered with MARA. These agents are known as offshore agents and many claim to be accredited by the DIBP and by inference, MARA. Offshore agents may be issued with identification numbers by the Office of MARA for administrative purposes only. It does not reflect the quality of their services or the validity of their advice.

At Migrate 2 Oz, our agents are registered with MARA. Click here to read more on them and see their MARA registration numbers (MARN). When making use of a registered agent, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a professional individual who adheres to a strict code of conduct. If you are ever uncertain as to whether or not an agent is registered, you can verify it at www.mara.gov.au

We would like to advise you against using the services of unregistered or offshore agents as they do not need to adhere to any requirements set forth by a recognised Australian body, such as the DIBP and MARA.

If you are in need of migration services and want to talk to the experts in the field, please contact us!