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The Essence of Successful Relocation to Australia

Moving to Australia is more than just a successful visa application. You have a range of choices to make before you even get on a plane. One of which is where you want to work and live. Luckily, the Australian housing market offers a wide range of properties and you have a choice between apartments, houses with gardens, town houses, and more.

A majority of Australians live in 50km of the coast in large cities and towns. The urban areas mostly consist of apartments, though there are spacious properties within less than one hour’s travel from city centres. This allows Australians to enjoy the convenience of getting to work easily, whether by private or public transportation. Australian cities also enjoy an abundance of clean, safe and family-friendly national parks and recreation areas.

The Australian housing market has been experiencing consistent property prices for over 10 years, making it a relatively safe choice for investment*.


The current median house prices in capital cities are:

  • Adelaide: $435, 000
  • Brisbane: $440, 000
  • Canberra: $576, 000
  • Darwin: $640, 000
  • Hobart: $318, 000
  • Melbourne: $553, 000
  • Perth: $584, 000
  • Sydney: $690, 000

Having all successfully migrated to Australia in the past, Migrate 2 Oz agents understand how stressful it can be. We bring our passion and personal experience in order to secure visas for our qualified clients and can boast with a 100% success rate.

Moving your entire life over to Australia is by no means a small task and therefore requires a removal service that provides the utmost attention and care when transporting your personal possessions. Migrate 2 Oz offers relocation and moving services to assist you in this task. Click to request a moving quatation. We also offer a range of other value-adding services. Please click here for more information.

*Migrate 2 Oz is not a registered financial institution and therefore cannot give investment advice. Always do your research and consult a professional before making an investment.

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