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Eighteen Occupations added to the South Australian State Nominated Occupation List

The South Australian Government recently added eighteen new occupations to the State Nominated Occupation List (SNOL), creating new opportunities for individuals interested in immigration to Australia.  

The South Australian Government and other state governments conduct ongoing research into skill shortages in their labour markets. This contributes to the improvement of the individual state economy as well as boosting local businesses. South Australia updates the occupation availability on a daily basis.  The new occupations added to the South Australia SNOL are:
   •  Corporate Services Manager
   •  Medical Administrator
   •  Health and Welfare Services Managers, nec
   •  Customer Service Manager
   •  Equipment Hire Manager
   •  Financial Investment Adviser
   •  ICT Trainer
   •  Librarian
   •  Database Administrator
   •  Intellectual Property Lawyer
   •  Pharmacy Technician
   •  Cook
   •  Shearer
   •  Hairdresser
   •  Gas or Petroleum Operator
   •  Fire Protection Equipment Technician
   •  Diversional Therapist
   •  First Aid Trainer

We expect the other states and territories to release updated lists for occupations in demand in their regions in the weeks ahead.  It is advisable to talk to a migration expert about your options, even if a particular state or territory is not your first choice.  A properly planned migration strategy will get you to your ultimate destination!

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