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Australia, The Lucky Country

Even before applying for their visas, most people think about what it would be like to live in Australia. They weigh the pros against the cons and factor that into their ultimate decision. Here follows just a few benefits of living Down Under.

Low cost of living against good income

If you just compare the cost of living in Australia with that in South Africa, you might think it high. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the average income in Australia is much higher than that in South Africa and this cancels out the living costs. Even minimum wage earners can expect to live relatively comfortable, as opposed to the millions living in squalor in third world countries.

Good Education

Australia’s public education system ranks among the best in the world. If you have children, you don’t need to be concerned about the quality of their education here. Australia’s strict quality assurance measures assures that, no matter where in the country you end up living, the standards will remain the same.

Natural Beauty

Australia is home to fantastic landscapes. From the beautiful coast to deserts to rain forests and even lush reefs, Australia has it all. You might be surprised to learn that a part of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales receives snow once a year and is a popular destination for ski holidays.

World-class Cities

Australia was not only home to 4 of the top 10 most liveable cities in 2013’s Global Liveability Survey, Melbourne took the coveted first place. The others were Adelaide, Sydney and Perth. Australia has many world-class cities with outstanding benefits and job opportunities. Each city has its own unique lifestyle and personality for which it is known. E.g. Melbourne is the art and culture capital of Australia, while Sydney is a bustling cosmopolitan, and Perth is peaceful and quiet, while still being a thriving city.

These are just a few benefits of living in Australia. If this sounds like the type of lifestyle you would like, then contact us. There are many visa options available to make this dream a reality and we’ll find the one most suited to your needs.

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