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Let your Family Join You Down Under!

If you’ve been fortunate enough to move to Australia, congratulations! If you still have close family living in South Africa, you might be able to help them by sponsoring their applications for family visas to Australia and giving them a chance at a new life. Living in a new country by yourself can often get lonely and this could spoil your experience of even the best country in the world. To combat such a negative experience, we suggest family visas as an option to bringing your loved ones over.

Most South Africans grow up in tightknit families and the thought of leaving close relatives behind can be a demotivating factor for many. Internet based video calling software, like Skype, has changed the way we communicate with people across the world, but seeing your loved ones on a screen every once in a while is not the same as being in their company. Family Visas offer the chance to reunite families in Australia, contributing to a more complete and happier experience.

As with any visa, family visas have certain requirements that need to be met. Take advantage of our FREE online assessment by following the links below:
Parent Visa Assessment
Partner Visa Assessment

Once you have completed and submitted the applicable form, we will get back to with the results and/or request additional information. This is where the journey really begins. Migrate 2 Oz has experience in dealing with many visa matters and we are more than happy to help you! There are few things as rewarding as seeing families being reunited and starting a new life in the Land Down Under. Start the process today!