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The DIBP Warns Against Unauthorised Websites

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has issued a warning for web users to be vigilant when visiting websites concerning immigration to Australia. Unauthorised websites have been posing as official departmental websites, imitating them in style, layout and appearance with the aim of fooling unsuspecting browsers.

A departmental spokesperson had said that these sites are well-camouflaged fakes which should be avoided. There is no evidence to suggest that the department’s own website has been compromised, but web users are advised to make sure they visit the department’s official website when looking for information regarding immigration to Australia. All official Australian Government websites end with gov.au. Visit www.immi.gov.au for DIBP’s official website.

“This issue is not unique to our department and is a common issue for companies and organisations which use websites to communicate information to their clients.” – DIBP spokesperson.

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