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The MIA Warns Against Migration Scam

Senator Michaela Cash, the Assistant Minister for Australian Immigration and Border Protection recently issued a statement warning potential migrants and visa applicants of an unethical and illegal scam that has come to light once again in the industry.

In her statement, the Senator emphasises her previous warnings to applicants to avoid unscrupulous migration agencies at all costs. This repeated warning follows an influx of recent complaints that have re-emerged, implicating web-based migration agency, AUSFIS, for taking advantage of visa applicants by persuading them to pay hefty amounts of money for visa applications that are never lodged.

According to Senator Cash:
“The website invites people to register their interest by submitting an online web-form with their contact details.

'Once registered, applicants are contacted by phone or email and are asked to pay a fee ranging from $300 to $3000 via credit card in return for an ‘Immigration Package to Australia'

'However, several users of AUSFIS's services have alleged that, once payment has been made, they either hear nothing further, or receive an email advising they are ineligible to apply for a visa.

'AUSFIS has no influence on visa decision-making and does not represent the Australian government. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has no record of visa applications lodged by AUSFIS and the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) does not list any registered migration agents connected with AUSFIS.'

Applicants who have fallen victim to the unethical practices of these so-called migration agencies are encouraged to lodge a disputed payment grievance with their credit card provider immediately and report suspected migration fraud wherever possible. Potential applicants are likewise advised to protect themselves from falling prey to migration fraud by ensuring that they engage with a reputable migration agent who is registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA)

All of the agents at Migrate 2 Oz are registered with OMARA as well as the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) and the Migration Alliance. This affords you the protection and peace mind that we comply with the MARA code of conduct and possesses the necessary immigration law qualifications to deal with visa applications in a professional and ethical manner.

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