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Use the Forum: How to tell if an Australian Immigration Agent is credible

When it comes to choosing a credible agent to handle your Australian immigration application, online forums can be your biggest ally. After all, there’s no better judge of a company’s character than genuine feedback from those who have experienced good or bad service first-hand.

Many would-be migrants have fallen victim to the unethical practices of unregistered migration agencies whose prime concern is to make a profit, with absolutely no regard for whether or not an application will actually be successful. With the advent of digital platforms such as social media, blogs and other online communities, it is now possible to sort out the duds from the real thing.

Forums such as Hello Peter are a good place for users to share their experiences and provide reviews and recommendations of companies that they have used. Browsing these forums will quickly tell you what you need to know about a specific company.

A popular forum related to Australian immigration:

•    Australia Forum

Things to look out for when searching these sites for a migration agent include complaints about unregistered agents, unethical service, misleading information as well as individuals who have paid for a service only to be told that their visa was unsuccessful. This will generally give you a good indication of whether a migration agent will look out for your best interests or if they’re only interest is leaving you out of pocket.

There is no substitute for qualified, professional and registered advice – so doing a little research beforehand could go a long way to the success of your visa application.

At Migrate 2 Oz, we believe that client feedback is one of the most important determinants of credibility and integrity and should therefore be the first place you look when searching for a migration agent. Click here to view our testimonials.

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