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Tips for choosing a reputable migration agent

tips for choosing a suitable australian migration agency

When it comes to migration agent horror stories, we’ve heard them all. From being given misleading information, to paying considerable ‘service’ costs without a visa to show for it – many a prospective migrant has fallen victim to the unethical practices of certain fraudulent agents. To make sure you’re choosing a suitable Australian migration agent – we’ve put together a few helpful tips on what you can expect from a reputable migration agent and what to look out for.

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1.  OMARA Registered


By law, any migration agent operating in Australia and giving advice and assistance on the Australian visa application process must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). Australian registered migration agents are bound to a code of conduct that sets out the ethical and professional standards that they must adhere to. Migration agents that have offices in Australia but are not registered or do not abide by these standards can face serious legal penalties.

To find out if a migration agent is actively registered, you can search for them on the OMARA website, or simply ask them for their MARA Number.

2.  Relevant experience

Migration agents who have considerable experience in the industry are more inclined to provide information and advice that is not only accurate, but also relevant to your individual circumstances. Immigration laws and requirements are constantly in a state of flux and it is only with extensive knowledge of how to adapt to these changes and navigate the complexities of the Australian visa application process, can a migration agent truly ensure a successful outcome.

Collectively, the Migrate 2 Oz team boasts in excess of 30 years’ experience in the migration industry.

3.  Customer Feedback

Feedback from past clients is generally a good way to determine the reputation of a migration agent. Find out what others people have had to say about them by visiting their website and viewing their testimonials section. Alternatively, the Internet is your closest ally – search for Australian forums or other sites that may contain reviews of migration agencies that other people have dealt with. If a migration agent has a bad mark against them, you’ll surely find it here.

4.  Job Guarantees

A migration agency is NOT a recruitment agency and is therefore in no position to assist with job finding or placement services.

While we cannot ethically provide recruitment services, we have partnered with AustJOBS where you are able to submit your career, experience and qualifications profile to a network that is frequently viewed by Australian employers to find the skills they are looking for.

5.  Agency Fees

While the OMARA code of conduct does not stipulate set fees for the services offered by registered migration agents, there are still a few things you need to take into account before entering into any kind of contract with a migration agent, including consultation fees and the services offered. Take a look at their fee structure closely and make sure you know what you’re paying for.

We only accept applications that we believe meet or exceed the minimum requirements and would never take on a client that we think wouldn’t be approved for a visa.

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